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Gifted A $800 Phone To: Me, From: Me ( Thank You So Much Fiverr)

I made my fiverr account in 2014 but was not using it ,

from this month i created my first gig…


On 9th day i was on level 1 :smiley:

12-13th day demoted to new seller :stuck_out_tongue: ( i used payment, email such keyword)

again start my journey , and now almost near to level 2. avg selling price was on 41$ and guess what , only with fiverr amount i gifted a phone of 800$( approx) to me :slight_smile:

buying a phone was not big deal not only this was first time ! but this phone smells my own hardwork , always used to buy with dad’s money, but this time this feels amazing. thank you FIVERR…

Good Luck Everyone … Love Yeww All :slight_smile:


Nice work :slight_smile:

Hope you get many more years of awesome Fiverr work.

Congrats! I didn’t spend a single penny of what I’ve earned. Gotta buy a flat in Moscow one of the most expensive city :slight_smile: Who knows, maybe fiverr will play significant role in it and I will be able to create a post that fiverr helped me to buy a new flat :slight_smile:
I hope, we all will get much more with time

Congrats. I bought iPhone 6 with fiverr earnings :slight_smile:

Wow all the best to all of you.

Congrats my friend!

That’s great to hear!

Congrats friend :slight_smile:

Wow Congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulation i have bought i phone 5s gold recently with my fiverr earning …


I have a Samsung Note 4. I got it because it had a removable battery, SIM card slot and the pen gimmick. I use it to read in bed, and to play solitaire with. I would recommend it over the Note 5, because the Note 5 has awesome pen features but no removable battery or SIM card.

I remain disappointed that it is neither gold-plated nor covered with diamonds. Jesus Christ, spend your money on real stuff not crappy phones. Take Mom out to the best restaurant in the town and ask her about her favorite life experiences before she became Mom. Hit up a new country and enjoy the cuisine and culture.

Or buy a phone. lol. In gold. Nouveau riche springs to mind. I am an English snob and biased about money and How To Spend It. But ffs, your crappy mass produced overpriced phone that is incidentally made from war parts (Dem. Rep. of the Congo), blood and fake gold isn’t something to boast about. Your family and friends are.

Congratulations from your local party pooper. $800 for a phone… lol. You can get them for like $20 these days. You just threw away a lot of money to chase a dream, bro just

EDIT: when you’re on your deathbed, you’ll care more about people and relationships and all that–your phone will be an incident if it’s really that awesome, but let’s face it, each year the latest hot model, like so many women, will be your priority. Unfortunately, it’s your deathbed and you won’t be able to do anything except ask for a glass of water and be disappointed with yourself. You just wasted $800 on a phone and lost out on a lot of other things. Maybe you’ll remember this when it breaks in approx 2 years, maybe not. You, tho wasted your money. It was yours to waste, though. You just won’t realize the waste until it is too late and out of your control. Yes, I’m grumpy today.

Wao congrats for your success :slight_smile:

If i earn good money from fiverr,i will invest it in human development,am happy for your success it is your money,you are free to make use of it.

Hello Everyone.

@irfanisrael: Contragulations for your success and the new phone.
I see this post turned from success story to best phone discussion :slight_smile:

I am also on fiverr quite some time and finally happy to say that I have reached level 1. While not all had same success, I am still happy that I reached level 1. This is enough for me to continue trying here

Wow, congratulations, im still on my way, i wish i could buy an iPhone 6 from fiverr… :slight_smile:

@irfanisrael, congrats for your success, you will grow bigger than that, it is just the matter of time.

I was in a mood when I wrote that–but come on. Rose gold. Just be successful and not talk about it. This idiotic phone is already out of date. Leave Mum out of it too–that’s just cheap.

Reply to @mikeartworks: thank you so much :slight_smile:

Reply to @ruslancer: Good luck for your plans,i have dream to own a MUSTANG , and good news is it is launching in INDIA soon :), now time to hardwork , for mustang, and for your flat,
good luck again !

Reply to @ilovenish: congrats, THIS is : - happiness…

Reply to @julipalmer7: thank you so much, good luck to you !