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GIG about religion - god not popular?


Hello, recently I started my very first gig. I offer people to leave a message on the legendary hill of crosses.Looks like cool idea yes? How I can promote my GIG. Do you think religion is not popular topic? What do you think if my idea good or not worth to continue promoting?


Hey there, I guess it depends on who you are trying to reach. I’ve never heard of the hill of crosses, but I looked it up and you haven’t even mentioned it has anything to do with Catholicism. Perhaps catholics would find this if you mentioned more about Catholicism. I think if you used better seo in your gig description with some relevant keywords, more people might find it when the page becomes indexed in google.
also, email local churches, email any church, let them know this is a possibility and share your gig page with them. with a specific gig like this, the chances of someone coming across it are slim, you have to know who you want to reach with it, and actually reach out.
either way, religion is declining worldwide, so no, not a popular topic, but an interesting gig offering nonetheless.


Another suggestion I might make is reaching out to Churches, particularly the one you go to. As a Catholic myself, I’m very fond of your gig. Fiverr offer’s business cards so that you can hand them out at Church, Religious gatherings, and other places, which can help drive traffic from real life interactions.

Best of luck, and thank you for offering such a nice gig!