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Gig accepted - no further contact?

This is my first time using Fiverr. I found a highly rated seller that does the type of work I am looking for (Logo & Tri-Fold Brochure). Since I am unfamiliar with Fiverr I asked the seller to send me custom order. Seller sent custom order - I paid. Project was set with a 10 day time frame. It has been 7 days and I haven’t heard a word from the seller. When discussing the project with seller I asked to be kept informed during the course of the project (I gave the seller alot of leadway in the design and wanted to keep up with progress to be sure seller didn’t spend time on something that I would find unacceptable).

Shouldn’t I have heard from seller by now if finished project is due in 3 days?

I just cancelled an order with a buyer.
The buyer had placed an order which amounted to roughly 4 hours of my time and the work would be done over 30 days. Before they ordered I went through EVERYTHING with the buyer - twice…
The order was placed 4 days ago and the buyer has literally messaged me every day since asking about different aspects of the order. It is regarding online reputation management and I understand how important it is to the buyer. However, for me it is 4 hours of my work this month. It would have been done well, completed on time and successful. Unfortunately, the idea of spending 5-10 mins on a daily message from this seller for the entire month made me decide it wasn’t worth my time so I explained this to the buyer with the offer of cancelling.

The point of my story is that since the seller is highly rated, has sent you a custom offer with their own specified deadline it is fair to assume that they will do the work within the time frame specified. The seller may spend the whole day of day 9 or the last 8 hours before the deadline to complete the work. It can be very irritating to have repetitive messages. If you buy something on Amazon and the delivery can take up to 10 days, what day would you think is acceptable to question the delivery?

It isn’t uncommon for sellers to work on multiple orders as they need to. It really depends on the individual style of the seller. I don’t think it’s a big deal to message a seller once in the of a project if you are polite and have a genuine question, but otherwise it’s really good to let them just do the job in their own time. A lot of sellers take a request for updates to mean that you’ll let them know if you think of something you really need to tell them or ask them. If you actually want them to just message you so you know they remember your order, just ask them if they are willing to commit to daily or every other day messages before you order.

Since many Fiverr sellers offer or do custom micro-jobs (5-15 minute tasks for $5-10) even one message back and forth can cost them part of their earnings for the day. This is even more true with sellers that have a lot of experience. They can work that into the price of the offer if it is your requirement. @eoinfinnegan is exactly right that on a longer job, messages can break the deal.

New sellers are often quite a bit different on this although it still depends on the type of job and the seller work style. They need work and they need reviews, so a level 0-1 seller may accommodate you with these kind of requests for free. It’s part of how they earn their way up in some cases, but it’s still best to ask in advance and be sure they understand your expectations so they can decide if the job is a good match for them.

Thank you for your helpful replies. I did end up sending a message to my seller - He responded to let me know he is working on the project. Hopefully he will cut me some slack since I am a newbie. I chose him because of his great ratings, I need to trust my decision and let him do his thing. Part of me wonders how he can produce these items with the input I sent him (my current brochure and business card and my desire to look less dated and more professional) - but that IS what he does!!!

Thanks for clearing that up fonthaunt. Next time I request a custom order I will ask for the seller to include 3 or 4 messages, and pay them extra if it goes over that. What would be a reasonable price or tip to pay per message. How about $2?
You do not have to be stupid to not understand how things work here,
you only need to be new.
Are there rules of etiquette for buyers?

I wonder what you mean with “…to be sure seller didn’t spend time on something that I would find unacceptable”.

This sounds like you assume that the seller may not be busy with something else than your order.

The smallest tip is $5,- and there are no rules of etiquette. We all wish sometimes there were some.
I think both sides do best with politeness and good communication.

I have worked with a great designer on fiverr who is always extremely busy and does not begin communicating until the order I placed is almost due. But when he does start working on my project we communicate back and forth continuously. I prefer a designer who has great communication and stays in touch asking questions and showing revisions along the way.

I guess it totally depends on the type of job it is. A simple approach is to put all your requirements and concerns beforehand, you may add on significant things when your order is in processing phase. However, some sellers may be quick to respond while some may be taking note of your modifications and working on it even if they’re not able to communicate back and forth. Moreover, once your order is delivered and you’re not satisfied to find it along the lines of your communications / informations. Then you surely have an option to hit REVISION REQUEST. That option can help you and your seller to eliminate any kind of miss-communication regarding your order and further can either lead to a perfect delivery of your product or cancellation.

Moreover, regarding rules of etiquette, I believe this is not a professional but more of a personal entity. Though, you may want to check code of conduct and some good information here