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Gig access denied after updations

Greetings everyone!

I am a graphic designer on Fiverr for the last 1.5 months. I had a Vector Tracing gig with a 5-star review.
Today I just updated my gig with some new Images and Description. Unfortunately, Fiverr changed my gig status from active to denied.
It sends me a notification includes: “Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)”.
Now I don’t know why this happened and how to get it back.

Can anyone help me in this situation???


It happened as stated in your that message that you most likely used pictures from the internet.

I have just used pictures of my own.

It happened to me even I was just uploading my photo for my profile picture. Best way is to contact customer support. Sometimes they check if there’s a bug. They’re helpful and responds quickly.

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