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Gig/Account Problem

Hello. I have an account which is made 2 month ago. Yesterday i made 1 gig and 1 gig today both are active but when i go to my profil recive message “No gigs found …” is this a bug or something ? if anybody kknow how can i fix this please reply me


I got the same problem, waiting on customer support for help on this.

Hi I Am Also Facing this Issue

I Have 2 Gigs In My Account

1 is 5000 facebook likes in just $ 5 with in 48 hours

2nd is 2000 facebook likes in 24 hours

but only 5000 likes gig is showing over there my 2nd gig is not showing

It is available in my Gig but when i visit profile and only 1 gig shown there

help me out please

Today I got a same problem for my third gig and waiting for customer support feedback. Any of your issues resolved already?