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Gig add-ons after the fact


Will someone please explain to me how the gig add-ons work when the buyer orders one after a delivery?

One of my buyers ordered two and they did not show up in my dashboard. Are they supposed to?

It also isn’t in my notifications. Which I think is odd.

By the time the buyer asked about it, the Getty images button would not work. I never clicked it nor sent an image, but the “choose image” button was defunct. Does it expire after a couple days or something? If so, why was my buyer not refunded?

I send an alternative photo and offered to give $10 or work for free on the next order if I can’t get it straightened out, but it’s obviously really bugging me.

I’d like to see if I can fix the problem before the buyer gets online, next but so far customer support has responded to my query.

Any wisdom from the Fiverr gurus out there?


Yes you can see notification of adds on.


You handled it the right way. Not sure why that would not be working but you can ask Customer Support and they should be able to look into your account and find out if something is wrong! Hope this helps!


Thank you, it does help! I’m glad I know the way it’s supposed to work-- I was nervous that I might have missed other gig add-ons if they don’t send notifications. I guess it was just a glitch this time.