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Gig advertisement through social media

To improve my gigs I created a social media account but what do I do know to improve my account through social media?

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Just focus on ensuring that your gigs are word perfect and don’t offer silly things like unlimited revisions.

Oh, they do. I just checked.

Some friendly advice. Get the basics right first before trying more complex advanced moves such as social media posts.


What do you mean by this

Also okie dokie I will focus on my gigs :slight_smile:

If you type ‘unlimited revisions’ into Fiverr search you will see dozens and dozens of posts from different sellers who have had terrible experiences when offering unlimited revisions.

It is one of the key phrases that shouts “I am a rookie and am desperate for a sale”. In other words, you are highly likely to be targeted by scammers who will use your promise of unlimited revisions to extract as much work from you as possible.


Ohhh okay thank your for your helpful help :slight_smile:

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