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Gig Advertisement!

Hello Everyone,

I am selling explainer videos on fiverr. So I am thinking that can I add my fiverr contact details on the end of the video for advertisement. Will Fiverr TOS allow me to do this? Looking forward to the suggestions :blush:

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For any of your own videos you create and upload to YT etc - yes, great idea.

You’re not meaning that you want to add your Fiverr details to the videos you’re selling are you? I don’t think many buyers would stand for that. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No, I want to add the details in the videos that I am selling

So your buyers would be paying for a video with your advert at the end of it?

I don’t think as a buyer I’d be very happy about that.

If you were giving away free videos (off Fiverr) with your advert on, then that would be one thing, but not for paying clients.

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So I think I should not do this :sweat_smile:

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