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Gig algoritm bug?


So i know that there is a gig rotation on fiverr. My friend was on the 1st page and then my gig just dissapire i cant even find myself on the last one page and i dont know why. I heard that some people just change tags/price and it help (but not for everyone) them. His gig is active and i can find him in ‘‘local sellers’’ ‘‘online users’’ but just cant find him on any of the pages when i type a keyword in search bar


Is it your friend or is it you?

Why your friend can’t come here and ask himself?

Search results are also different for different users


His english is even worse then mine so i had to write this… We were looking for his gig for a few days and couldnt find it anywhere


Did you check his impressions on that gig? If they are more than zero then his gig is displayed and shown to people.

It’s also not wise to work on an English speaking platform if your friend can’t speak English. (We all have been there and it takes time to learn) But it is crucial to understand and be able to communicate with clients


His impression were around 2k but dropped to around 1.5k his english is basic and its enought for the gig that he provide

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Those are high impressions and that means that your friends gig was shown in the search 1.5k times.


It can be also becasue he try to stay online all the time

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That might be a factor, but it’s not remotely close to the only factor.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, Fiverr Help and Education Center in the second paragraph.


another person that dont understadn the problem. The problem is that why cant i find myself on any of the searching pages when i use keyword in searchbar

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So to understand this issue first you have to understand how search engines work.

Let us assume for our understanding that keywords are like folders.
When you list your gig for a certain keyword, your gig is basically placed in that folder with all the other gigs that used the same keyword.

Now whenever someone searches for that keyword, a list of all the gigs enlisted in that folder are shown to them. But all the gigs cannot be shown at once.

So what happens is that search engines rank gigs on certain criteria. Basically what that criteria is nobody knows for sure except the fiverr people who made that search engine.

So now coming over to your problem that you are not finding yourself. It is the reason that there are too many gigs ranked above your gig that your gig is burried down. Whenever you want to use a certain keyword first search how many gigs are using that keyword. If it is below 10k you can use that, above that is too high competition for new gigs.

Now coming over to how search engines(generally) rank results. It is based on many factors. The top most being

  1. How well optimized for search that gig is
  2. How many visits they are getting
  3. Impressions to click ratio
  4. Click to order ratio
  5. How many social media clicks(external traffic that you are bringing to your gig)

A few advises for you

  1. Change up your keywords, use the main keyword in your description 2-3 times as well, be creative with it. Dont just write it three times use it in sentences.
  2. Use a combination of long tail and short tail keywords (e.g. business logo design can be a long tail keyword, just logo design is a short tail keyword)
  3. Use less competitive keywords.
  4. Improve your description and gig title, it must include the main keyword you want to rank on.
    I hope these tips helps you. I am going to make this into a separate post to help others as well.

Thanks for your great advice. :heart: :heart:

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Okay i understand but its kinda sad that my friend is like lvl 1 seller he did almost 85 orders with 97% order completion and only has 5 star rating from customers and he still not able to find himself in any of the search pages


It’s not sad, that’s called gig rotation. I have almost a thousand orders completed. And i am a level 2 seller but i am currently not ranking on any keyword because I wasn’t getting any time from work to come on fiverr and spend time here. I did started to get ranked for a brief period of time when i was active a few days back but as soon as i have stopped coming on fiverr and stopped promoting my gigs on social media i have stopped ranking.

So cutting it short it doesn’t matter how many orders you have. It matters how much business you are bringing to fiverr. And also sometimes fiverr does deranks you for some of your actions or sometimes it’s just a normal rotation this dry patch can last up to a month or a little more. Don’t be sad be patient.


Thanks for your great advice…

How cant u be sad when u want more customers. He is online almost 24/7 but yea still not on any of the pages maybe like u said gig rotation 1 day will bring him back

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Do social marketing your gig. And 5 hours Activity.

No, it’s not sad. 1500 other people saw your friends gig. So would you rather your friend to see his own gig or potential clients?

Search engine also optimising results for each person and if your friend doesn’t see his own gig it doesn’t mean that others can’t.