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Gig alterations done, new look new hope


hello there,

I have done some alterations for my GIG, just have a look.




Perfect gig and your gig description is very clear, wish you best of luck:)


thanks a lot for encouraging words. Still hoping to the first order, lets hope this gig will be going…

thanks again… :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:



Did you find buyer request, by searching them in my given timing?


Just a few little things… I’ll optimize your any type…you need to remove “your”

This sentence…If you have any Question Feel Free to Contact me. I’ll be there for help you…remove for and replace with “to” also add an “s” to question to make it “questions”

WHY YOU HIRE ME: Change this to why should you hire me

If the images are required more complex editing,…remove the “are” and change required to require.

This will either make you blush or laugh or maybe both…ust drop me a message before ordering the gig. I will be in touching and waiting to be served at anytime…To an english speaker you have just told them you are ready to have sex at any time:blush: also you missed the “j” in just
change i will be in touching to i will be in touch


yes I did so. But most of them are for logo design requests I do mostly editing work. …


Alright, its mean time zone not matter? timing matter


Buyer request shows according to your keywords


But in this GIG i didn’t mentioned LOGO design anywhere


But you mention designing in your gigs.


Buyer request is based on overall your profile keywords.


alright I will check that…thanks zaiba202


You are welcome :slight_smile:


Hello there,

it means if I change the keyword in the specific GIG buyer requests will receive according to the keyword?


Very details observation. But seems s/he didn’t read it. LOL


sorry I didn’t have time to correct all that yesterday. Now all the small things are now rectified. thanks for the help…


Thank @indybutts. He did your job free of cost