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Gig Analytics Bug? All Graphs of Gig Views, Impression, etc. Showing 0

Yes. I am still facing the same bug.

Looks like you and I are in the same boat then.

Yes. I don’t understand what happens.

Mine are all normal looking. :thinking:

Well, that is weird. This is what mines look like. It’s the same for all 3 of my gigs. The gigs themselves appear as they should.

I guess I’ll wait till tomorrows refresh and contact support about this if it persists.

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Wait, if I look at my graphs, they are all at zero since the 21st, even though I have had sales.

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Welcome to the club. Anxiety and stress for all!

The situation on my end seems to be the same. Looks like it is in fact a site-wide bug.

I’ve had a small number of views on a couple of gigs on the 21st but none on the 22nd.

edit: a few gigs rather than a couple. But still no views on the 22nd.

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@uk1000, Now that I look at views that is what I see too.


Yeah, the graphs have been at zero since the 22nd. Just in case, I looked up your gigs and they seem to be fine. I’ll probably wait till tomorrow’s refresh and contact support if it doesn’t get fixed by then.

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These threads talk about this issue too.


Possibly a process that is supposed to run to update the figures (eg. once a day?) hasn’t been run or crashed. Or maybe something that’s meant to run all the time for it hasn’t been running/loaded (or also crashed).


Well, at least now it’s certain that this is a site wide bug. On that note, we really need a “known Bugs” thread on the forum.


Though the main post in it might need to be frequently updated (would it need to be done by a mod/the main thread/post created by a mod/admin?),
unless everyone would post in it and keep their post updated. Some things Fiverr might not agree is a bug but say is just the way it works (eg. the fact that you can’t do an “and” search (search for 2 things together in quotes)).

Should I create a thread for that or should it be done by a mod/admin or do you want to create one?
Though what would happen with every other thread in the “report a bug” section?

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By all means, go ahead if you want. The ideal scenario would be that once the bug has been added to the “Known Bugs” list users will be prevented from making more threads about it which should work as long as its globally pinned.

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I’ve posted a thread for that here:

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File attachments cant be opened too, It is giving 404 error.

I m facing same issue no updation for today … Whats happening???

Same problem to you. boss no tension.

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Hello there, i also facing with the same problem here.
But also something sent my gig to last page of the search results.
This started right after last maintenance day, probably 24th of the April 2020.

Unfortunately i didn’t took screenshot before this happened.
But here is a first week and 7th week listings.
I regularly checked my gig without login my account, and it was always resulted in first 4 gig when i searched “adobe character animator” in “relevance” “best selling” and “online sellers” listings.

Right now, im in 11/12 page on the search by “relevance” and “best selling” and if i pick “online seller” i’m not in the search results.

Is this normal?