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Gig' Analytics Clicks are not increasing

Why my gig’s clicks are zero infact buyers are contacting after clicking to my gig but analytics are not showing. Why?


How do you know that?

Is it better to be contacted by Buyer or to see a click?

If you’re using BR, I’m pretty sure they don’t need to click your gig to contact you.

When he contacted me first he checked out my gig and with the gig’s reference he was contacting me.

Can I know what is BR?

Maybe It Is- Buyer Request…

Thanks for helping and telling me for this

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No it was not actually he landed on my gig. He checked out my full gig and then from the gig he press contact button and contacted

In analytics (I guess it is the same in Fiverr´s analytics) is usually click (or view) counted from impression.

Therefore CTI (click to impression) ratio is important metrics to evaluate how engaging the Gig is. Impression comes from paid (ads) or organic (natural search result) traffic.

Did Buyer get direct Gig´s link? If this is the case it would not be counted as click in analytics.

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