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Gig analytics "N/A" ~ Fixed

Finally made it!

Mystery of the algorithm is solved. :grinning:



Yes, I can concur that this issue goes beyond just the analytics. The ass has fallen put of all my activity, too. Despite what some Fiverr apologists keep parroting on here…
Hope they fix it soon. Pretty shabby to keep sellers in the dark like this. We know times have been difficult, but some more clarity would be helpful.


Here, this gives some light on what they are doing overall, mayor changes. Customer Support Response About Gig Ranking Issue . Must Read


Hey even for me… only getting orders from previous clients n referees. Why this happens? Due to maintain?

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It’s really annoying now I’m not getting any analytics of the GiGs performance neither I’m able to see the gigs if searched by services…
@Fiverr should get this bug fixed soon,high time now…


For the last three weeks i am getting this message, still waiting for Fiverr guys to solve this problem as early as possible. I really want to know how my gigs are working because I am new to fiverr with no works

Im wondering more about that it take SOOO LONG to fix that problem for fiverr…


man this bug got me lost in fiverr i can’t know if my gigs are going great , honestly it’s a big problem espesially for beginners
but you know what, we can’t do anything i think that fiverr got our backs and they gonna fix this problem soon :wink:

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I think this is covid-19 effect. still under maintenance. Hope they will fix it soon :smiley:.

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Maybe :expressionless: :expressionless: @mostmala

What about the Top Rated Sellers situation? If someone here please reply? Anyways I’m not top rated… hahahaa

The Top Rated Sellers, here on the forums, won’t have anything else to tell you than what has already been said. Fiverr says they are aware of the display error, and are working on it. The only thing we – anyone – can tell you is to be patient. There is no other answer.

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No new order, no new messages. My gig is totally disappeared

Reply what?

@misscrystal is a TRS, and she keeps saying that seeing the gig metrics doesn’t matter to her. But that’s not what people crying about not seeing their gig metrics want to hear, so they keep ignoring her.


I’m really feel this problem. Please tell me when solve it.

I can’t speak for all TRS but I never had the metrics to look at for years at first. And even the times I did look at the metrics, I didn’t see much correlation between them and what I was earning. Nor did I see any relationship between editing my gigs, or getting orders, and what the metrics were showing.


I got used to not having gig stats visible, tbh. I’d rarely look at them anyway.

As for “N/A being unrelated to the sales drop”, I think it is. Or multiple things has happened at the same time. There are some “I don’t know, I’m doing fantastic” people, of course, but something did change at the end of April pretty drastically.

Regarding “making others feel at ease”, welcome to the new world. I don’t think we’ll be feeling at ease for a long time regardless of where we are and what we do.


it’s Ok for you. thanks so much

Same here. My best seller gig used to be on first page, now it is disappeared along with new orders, Also the CS do not talk about this issue.

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me too! for last 1 month.