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Gig Analytics PLUMMET after changing video, WHY? FIVERR'S ALGORITHMS

Recently i decided that it would be a good idea to change all of the videos for my gigs and replace them with more modernised up to date videos so i spent my time recording and editing more up to date modern videos for all of my services to replace the old out of date videos. Previously I was getting regular orders as a level 1 seller and believed that the next step would for me would be to update my videos to improve my overall analytics, impressions and clicks etc. to gain more orders and work my way up to a level 2 seller.

After uploading the newly updated videos and submitting them on all services over the next few days i noticed that i was no longer receiving any orders anymore ‘Why is this i asked myself’ before proceeding to take another look at my analytics for all my services. It turns out after the date of uploading the brand new videos (The date his is clearly recorded in the Analytics and is marked by a bold orange dot) my impression, clicks and views have literally all plummeted to nearly zero. WHY?

No wonder i’m not getting any orders at all anymore. How can anyone have faith in the system if by improving your services your actually damaging where they fall in the search category as i’m assuming when you update your services wherever they are in the search category or keyword category they just go further and further back to the very last page where not a single person is going to view them and if that is the case how can new and upcoming sellers expect to gain a regular income using Fiverr at all.

I’ve contacted customer support to get a clearer answer on Fiverr algorithms and how updating services effects them. I’ve now changed all of my videos back to the old videos in a desperate attempt to gain back at least some impressions and clicks that i had before not that it would change anything about my analytics but i weren’t expecting them to fall so drastically initially. I no longer see Fiverr as a place where you can make a sustainable income living from home and i feel like Fiverr’s algorithms have changed to drastically now making it impossible for new sellers to build up their business. It is time that i left Fiverr for good.


UPDATE: After changing back the videos to the old videos look at what happened to my analytics. They all shot back up to how they were previously. All i did was change back the new videos to the old videos the only difference between the two being i put a little 'level 1 icon in the top right corner of the videos and the old videos did not have this icon. I also removed all additional preview pictures on the services rather than 3 pictures i now just have the 1 picture. This goes to show how random fiverr algorithms are and how they are not based on how successful a gig is with how large the orders are on a particular service or how much a certain keyword is searched for, how active you are as a seller, how often you have orders on a particular service, how fast you deliver all of these should have an EFFECT on the algorithms and increase the analytics on that service but it does not rather it is just based on factors like how many pictures you put up or your videos with or without icons. If Fiverr did change its algorithms to take into consideration those important factors no doubt would Fiverr be a more efficient marketplace. It’s a shame how service analytics can get so messed up if a seller choses to update their services without them even knowing it is possibly detrimental to their services! here is photographic proof that my analytics improved after replacing the new videos with the old videos and removing the preview photographs on all services. I thought some people may find this interesting.


Here is Fiverr’s response in regards to this.

Very Interesting…

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The same blah blah blah over 1 year.


I’ve been on Fiverr since Dec 13’ on my old account i was a TRS since June 14’ and since they introduced the new Fiverr level system i lost all my levels and thought it was best to really just start again as my stats were so messed up and impossible to recover from but i’ve now found it even harder now after a year to build up my account from the beginning and get back to a level 2 seller again. But to be honest i ALWAYS remember Fiverr algorithms being this way and not based on how well a gig is selling i’m just more annoyed about it now because i’m a level 1 and it has much more of a detrimental effect on me now especially when it goes to 0 impressions for a whole week on all services and i can only imagine how brand new members to the site must be feeling after their analytics plummet to nothing after they update their own services thinking that they are building up their ‘business’ only to be put over unfairly by Fiverr algorithms leaving them with no idea what happened and why.


The algorithms are very weird. Always different positions for gigs when they are refreshed (Which I support, so lots of different gigs get to be seen). But the best selling sorting is totally not working at all. Like a gig that has zero orders in queue and 2 reviews, of which both were automated because the seller failed to deliver on time, is in front of many gigs that have from 1k to 20k reviews and many orders in queue! And lots of other gigs with maybe 1 order in queue and less than 100 reviews also being shown before those super selling gigs.

So why have a best selling sorting option if it’s not showing best selling gigs? Recommended tab should be where you show those newer gigs with zero orders in queue.


There is the new gigs tab but your gig is only on there for what, a day after they are pushed back by a hundred new services? and then after that your gig is then in category limbo where nobody is going to ever stumble across your gigs.

Others have mentioned that updating your gigs in any way will cause this ratings drop.

I understood initially when you change your gig around the ratings are going to drop and gradually get back up again say after several months possibly i just wasn’t expecting them to drop to 0 like they did and what even took me more by surprise was editing them once again and deleting some of the example photographs that had been up there since the gigs were created caused the ratings to go back up to where they were before and even higher i just find it very strange and very random.

I can sort of imagine why this may happen. The original video has a certain link or code to go with it, the new one had a different code. The algorithm didn’t know what to do with the new video code so it just ignored the entire thing. It jumped up again when it recognized the old video.

Eliminating the pictures would free up some of the overall confusion the algorithm might have had with them too, code-wise.

Algorithms are incredibly complex. It’s not hard for them to get messed up.

The original algorithm years ago rewarded any changes to a gig by moving it up in rank, which makes sense when you want to lower the rank of gigs that are never changed or worked on. Now it prefers gigs that are never changed, and penalizes them if they do.

I loved being able to try out new things, new descriptions and prices and see how buyers responded.

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I kind of wish they rolled with that idea that they had a while back that was in beta about paying for your gig to be featured in the search. Going back to what you were saying that would kind of let you experiment more with different prices and descriptions to see what works when exposed to a higher view base within a certain category and if it didn’t work you could have gone back edited it and ‘promoted’ it again to see how it did. I would have definitely used that feature rather than put my faith in Fiverr algorithms. But what you said about the Fiverr algorithm recognising the old videos makes sense.

Had you checked if your gigs were actually back in search after the 1st edit (new videos)?

I’ve had a gig disappearing completely from search results after an edit, not for the usual up to 48 hours (or whatever) but for a whole week (after 7 days, I contacted support and they nudged it back into search) while at other times, a gig might be back from edit limbo after few hours on its own.
Zero impressions sounds as if it wasn’t back in search, editing back to the old videos might have been fast, either because those videos had already been oked by support previously or because the person in charge of checking edited gigs just had a red bull or something :wink:

A lot of things do seem pretty random (may just seem so, though), or bugs or other things can have an effect, so, unfortunately, I find it hard to compare and improve, as often, results seem off and things seem unpredictable.


His have been out of visibility for over a week now.

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Where I can find impressions graph? I have found only orders (and it does not look good).


@deesajn What happened to you in September? Were you on vacation?

Much thanks for you guys showing us your graphs! :heart:

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No at all, I was active. Literally I had no orders in September. But August was my best month ever. Then suddenly nothing. Very strange. Now I have 2 orders, but those clients are not new, I was speaking with them about month ago. I still think it might be a change with search algorithm or something like that…


@deesajn Did you change your gigs or edit them?

Did you level stay the same?

Were you late with an order?

Did your cancellations go up?

Did your message response rate go up? (down)

I think we need to figure this out!

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Yes, there was one thing. They (Fiverr) sent me some emails about SEO title I need to establish. I have never seen this SEO form there in the gig description of my gigs before. So I hit accept (as far as I remember) and left it as it was in proposition. That was the only change I did.

No, I was not late, no cancellation, no response drop, everything 100%. The same level as well.
I guess I will wait and see what will the October bring.

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I don’t quite know what you mean but is there some way you can put your gigs back as they were before? Or was the form something they required you to do?

Your gigs are wonderful! I would like you to get your sales back, you deserve it.

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