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Gig analytics problem!

Hi Fiverers,

I’m Shen,
I am a new seller actually my account is from 2016 but I’m active since Last month.
I have a problem with my gig analytics page.
It’s not a bug or any other,
It’s a feature that I can’t understand.
So, I hope you will describe to me what it is.
I have created a gig about 3 days ago and edited it two times because I wanted it to be optimized as best as I could.
So I won’t need to edit it again and again in short period of time to make it better(As senior sellers say it’s bad for the rankings).

As I know the colored dots displays that I have made changes to that gig.
When I hovered the cursor above ti it shows the changes I have done.
The problem I have got is 'Have I got the impressions that show by the graph’s height actually.'
Are they have just got higher due to changes I’ve made.
Hope someone will help me with this.
I wanted to contact customer support but I don’t know how to do it.
and I didn’t found a way to do it.



Don’t worry too much.

You know, there is permanent rotation of Gigs over and over + changes you have done might be reflected in a few days or weeks only.

You don’t need to contact CS with that, you would not get different answer.

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Wondering why your forum image differs from profile image.

image image

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Actually I don’t know either. :sweat_smile:
I have changed the profile logo from the woman’s face into the other.
But the form’s profile picture hasn’t changed.
Also I don’t know if I can change the forum’s profile image separately.

Thanks for the information.
Do you know how to contact customer support on Fiverr?

You may use Submit a request or email address

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How did you get to that page? I’ve been looking for my Gig Analytics but I can only see the generic Analytics page…

The chart is in the Gigs tab, you just have to click the gig you want to look at and scroll down a bit.

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It seems like there are fewer users than ever before checking the improve my gig section here on the forum.
I have created a topic there to get some advice for improving my gig,
But didn’t got any.

Hope you will check it out.

Um, I did give some advice. One specific and directly related to your gig, and one general bit of where you can find more yourself, so that you don’t need to wait for people to come to you.

The forums have become busy and crowded while you were away for two years, and not really the best place to ask for advice. They’re still fairly good for self-education, though, if you know where to look.

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Yeah, I can understand.
Thank you for the advises.

Oh wow! Thank you, I’ve been on that tab before but I’ve never really scrolled down past the “Gig status” section face palm