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Gig Analytics returned, what have you noticed?

For those of us that have got the analytics back for their gigs, and have gone through the analytics what have you noticed?

Were the impressions and clicks what you expected with respect to your orders?
Did you notice a a difference in conversion rate?

I am curious to hear everyones analysis about what they experienced and how that experienced lined up with their analytics.


GiG AnAlYtIcS ReTuRnEd!!°°°°1^^1


i dint get it yet. i just watched its still in progress

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same here. but looks like we will get it soon


They are not back for everyone. Honestly, I didn’t miss them at all, not sure why people are making a huge deal out of this. Analytics won’t bring you sales, you’re doing that on your own. It’s just a set of numbers…


@donnovan86 Can agree on that. I can see that you have figured it out, what is your approach on marketing your gig?

I am aware they aren’t back for everyone which is why I asked for those that have it back what they noticed. I believe analytics helps for sales with conversions, visibility. Changing the copy description can improve the set and possible make your pitch better than before helping your conversion rate.