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Gig approach/method?


Hi All!

I’ve seen different approaches used, both successfully and unsuccessfully, on Fiverr with respect to how many gigs are offered by a seller, whether they are niche or general, etc. I’d love to get some feedback on each of the following from more experienced sellers…

Which of the following do you think is the best approach to gig offerings and why?

  1. Offer only a few select gigs, each one highlighting a different skill or task you offer.

  2. Offer many gigs for the same few skills or tasks, only worded or presented differently.

  3. Offer many gigs for as many different skills or tasks as you can complete. The more, the merrier.

Personally, I can see potential benefits and pitfalls for each.

… and if this starts a debate… Sorry, not sorry! haha :slight_smile:


Either 1 or 3, depending on how proficient you are at the task. You don’t have to be at the top of your field, but you should know your skill set and whether you’re comfortable selling that service.
2 will only dilute your profile. If I had one translation gig with 10 reviews or two with 4 and 6, buyers might only see the one with 4 reviews and assume I’m inexperienced. There’s no reason to separate one skill into multiple gigs. (I’m also pretty sure we’ve had threads on this before. TL;DR: don’t do it.)



Can’t argue with that logic, completely agree.

Also… totally possible there’s an existing thread out there somewhere that I’ve missed. There’s a ton of content on here.