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Gig approved or disapproved?


how would we know whether our Gig has been approved or disapproved?


When your gig is approved it will end up in “Active” If it’s not approve it will end up in “Denied” otherwise it requires modification.

Here are various Gig statuses and their descriptions.


And how would we know that we will get informed through a email or what??


You will get a notification on Fiverr notification feed. I don’t know if you get emails though, I never got emails.


Got it thanks alot . Its been 2 to 3 days since I last posted my gig and I didn’t recieve any notification yet is it okay?


If you haven’t received a notication for 2-3 days I would wait 2 more days, if you don’t get a notification by then, I would recommend you fill out a ticket and get it resolved.


Thanks a lot. I did write them about it.


Alright great! Good luck!


I am also in same boat as you are. I created my gigs a week ago but still does not show up in search. I opened a support ticket, they said after editorial review, gigs wpuld be visible in search.