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Gig Blues


Ever get tired of working on orders? I’m in a slump. Not in the mood to work on anything. I ignore messages and wait until the last minute to deliver. I’m considering taking a break but don’t want to loose out on sales when I get back by suspending my gig. In fact, my only orders are those who decided to book without messaging me first. Not in the mood. HELP.



Definitely suspend your gigs to get back into wanting to work again. It does show when you’re not really wanting to. I’ve have days where I just don’t want to work one someone else’s projects and just my own.

Good luck!


Kim, I think extending the delivery days is a good solution and works for me. It sounds like to me that you are getting busier which is a good thing, but you may be getting burnt out.

One of my gigs is burning me out, but I love the traffic and orders it gets, so I just added 3 days to the delivery date. It gives me a sign of relief.

Just my personal advice that works for me.



It happens. I usually suspend my gigs when I’m in a slump or there isn’t much coming in. =)


There isn’t much coming in. Really bored right now. I’ve already extended the days since Christmas and haven’t reduced them since.



Happens to all of us.


It happens. If you can, relax and get your mind right. You gotta enjoy what you do. If not, you’ll get bored and tired quick. Gotta spice things up. Sometimes I get like that when I get overwhelmed with orders, but then when things slow down, I start missing the steady cash flow.


After writing my above post, I think I’ve hit a slump the last couple of days, actually. I thought it was just the weekend but I’m still fed up of doing work for other people. I’m getting through orders but at a very slow rate and don’t like the way my diary looks for tomorrow. If it continues over the next couple of days, my plan is to either extend my delivery times or suspend my gigs temporarily and work on my own projects - such as my websites, blogs and writing that I do for residual income and books - a couple of days of that and I think I might be back in the right mindset to work for others. I’ve often found that it works.

If you don’t already have a blog, I would highly suggest starting one. They’re not too hard to do and there’s plenty of help on the web. I’m sure there are a few Fiverr folks with gigs that will be able to help you get started, especially with WordPress, if you don’t know how.


I dunno why but I’m thankful I only have 1 order today [-O<


I suspended mine over the Xmas break as I need a studio to do my gigs. You will still get orders when you get back. I have never had the blues Just thankful to get work. But take a break