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started my first gig few days back, it was easy and fast at first until I upload a video, it was not approved and suggest me to add ‘Exclusively on Fiverr’… which I did that and upload it but then there’s another to do message asking to changes my resolution to certain pixel… woo!!! why its kinda too much of a hassle of that?? why not just mention on the Gig builder page to do this or that and prepare something like your promo video must have ‘Exlusively on Fiverr’ remarks on it… we only support 0.5 pixel or whatever… so we dont have to upload or changes thing so many times and feel like doing something stupid.

so, ending up deleting my gig. rather working on something else than wasting my time fulfilling something that can be done for once if its written on builder instructions.

Well that would mean that Fiverr would have to have specific Guidelines in place instead of just making things up as they see fit.