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Gig Buyer Requests

There are no buyer request avaialble.Is it because of the panademic or what?Plus I actually I dont know much about buyer request so If anyone can tell me what exactly it is then it ll be good for me.Peace out.


Hello, talhamisbah218. I am assuming you are new to Fiverr; if so, welcome. If you are only new to the Buyer Requests section I think you’ll find it can be a valuable resource for growing your business. When you visit your dashboard as a seller, at the top of your screen to the far right, you would click “More.” Next, click on “Buyer Requests.” Essentially, they are just that: requests from buyers that are available for sellers to make offers on. Buyers provide a budget along with a description of what they are looking for, and sellers can submit offers. If the buyer accepts the offer, they respond to the seller accordingly, either by engaging in further dialogue to work out the details, or to directly place an order.


It’s just about timing, there are no buyers request most of the time, all you have to do is being patient and refresh time to time


Maybe it depends on your category, but there are plenty of buyer requests available in, let’s say, voice over. Granted, many of the buyer requests are not applicable, such as ones requiring a language you don’t speak, but generally there are a decent amount you can submit offers on. Also, you need to keep checking.


@michaelkilliany thanks for the feedback

you need to check the buyer request section every now and then. It may come anytime! :blush:

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I think for new seller there is a few buyer request,
and for old there is a lot of buyer request

look it my dashboard…

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@ webdevelopers90, from the screen shot, I can see that number of offers are mentioned. At the same time in one request it is 0. Can you explain about this a little bit?


It means to no offer has sen for this job,


I am new here and i dont know much. But i do think you have to refresh time to time and wait too. Good luck

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Thanks for the feed back. Now I am aware exactly about the BUYER REQUESTS.


Good information thank you sir.

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