Gig can not show in search page-PLEASE HELP!


Hello there,
Just wondering if you could please do me a favor by having a look at this issue immediately & fix it for me as soon as you can PLEASE.That would be really appreciated!
I have noticed that from the last few days one of my major/best gigs is missing form the Fiverr Platform (Fiverr Search Engine) This gig has a 5 Star Client reviews and has greatly helped me helping more clients in the past.
Now,due to its invisibility,I am not getting any orders on Fiverr & this is hurting my pocket a lot.
Here is the link of that gig that’s missing from the search :



Copy+Paste this whole sentence and send it here:

Customer Support

There is nothing we can do here duh… this is a FORUM


You should contact customer support, hope they will help you