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Gig Cancelation Payment


I bought a gig for 57USD and seller unable to complete the order so he canceled. How can I get my money back from fiverr to my account?

Please let me know a proper solution. I want money to be in my account again.

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“If an order is cancelled, the funds paid will be refunded to your shopping balance. If your Gig was purchased with cleared revenue, the funds will return to your revenue balance. Your total account balance can be found next to your username on the top menu in the right corner.”



Yes, I can see the amount but how to withdraw that amount? I want it back in my bank.

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Although, as @ronhi85 has pointed out, your refund automatically gets added to your Fiverr balance (and will not be transferred to your bank balance), you can request Fiverr’s Customer Support to transfer it to the original payment source (bank balance).

It is possible that they might choose to deny your request to transfer your money from your Fiverr balance to your bank balance. They have every right to deny your request as it is already clearly mentioned in their ToS (that all Fiverr users, including yourself, agree to while creating their Fiverr account) that your refund will be credited to your Fiverr balance (and not your bank account).

However, please remember that even if Fiverr agrees to your request (which they don’t really have to), they might only do you that favor once. They will probably deny any such future requests. So, choose wisely. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I will contact support shortly.

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