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Gig cancelation


Can anybody check my gigs and can tell me that both of my gigs are activated and passed fiverr review or not? Because fiverr is canceling my gig after 15-16 hours of activation. Specially text editing gig was canceled several times. Please check my gigs and give me necessary advice. I didn’t copied anything in both gigs. Thank You.


Yes, both your gigs are visible.

Your text file editing gig - you offer to edit
Bank Statement
Bills Editing

Sounds highly dodgy and may explain why your gigs are being removed…:frowning:


Bank Statement bills editing are illegal?


What legal reason could there be for somebody to want a bank statement or bill edited after it’s been issued?


So I have to delete both Bank Statement and bills editing?


Please now check my text document editing gig. Because I edited it. If need any change then please tell me.


Looks better! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You. Hope this time fiverr will accept my gig. I am new on fiverr(17 days). And completed five orders already. But all my gigs were banned. :frowning:


are you serious:joy:


Serious why? I didn’t understand.


Editing bank statements can only be required for something dodgy?!

Am I missing something?


Actually I tried to provide service. I have no idea that bank statement editing in dodgy. From now i’ll be very aware on it.