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Gig cancellation percentage/ration

Hi, my cancellation ratio stands at 15% now, 99% ratings and completed 295 orders already. I cancel orders when buyers order without getting a quote from me. And this is increasing day by day, and also i have asked buyers to message me before direct order, still i’m getting undiscussed orders, and it is increasing my cancellation ratio. Please i need this fixing. Also Would this have an impact on my gig performance ?

you must clearly state in your gig what is for $5 so people know. you can ask them to message and quote but if they don’t do that it must be written what is for $5 per fiverrs rules.

canellation ratio of 15% is big I think. I have 3% and still not happy with that, would like to make it 1-2% only

is there any meaning to talk after getting unwanted orders?