Gig cancellation process too slow or doesn't work


I’m posting this to warn buyers of the following. Before you buy a gig, contact the seller first.

Don’t buy a gig and contact the seller later. I learned this the hard way after paying over 40 dollars on a gig I needed done quickly. After paying for it I never got an answer back from the seller.

After 7 days when the gig was supposed to be delivered, the seller contacted me about the gig with questions and suggestions. I quickly responded, and again I had to wait a few days to get an answer back.

By this time I cancelled the gig. After cancellation I’ll have to waite 2 more days and if the seller doesnt respond then it will be cancelled. But if the seller doesn’t agree, I can wave goodbye to my cash.

This is the part I hate the most. Gig cancellation process is too slow or doesn’t work. To avoid all of this I suggest contacting the seller first before buying any gig.



I think most Sellers will agree with you.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Agreed! :slight_smile:

I stated in my gig description, contact me first if you have question. For some gigs that’s more complicate, I will say "CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING"

But, not everyone read them.


I say contact me before ordering and people still order then contact and then disappear shrugs.


My seller says I can have a refund, but that I have to initiate it, then he will agree. I have spent half an hour going round and round in circles trying to find a button or way to request a refund. I give up!