Gig Cancellation


I have very tired for some project. after i deliver it buyers want to cancel this gig.

I have waste lot of time for that.what can i do?


Here is another thought: I was a buyer and the seller told me nearly the same. The result was not what I expected. And the I found “his work” on the internet - He stole from there and did not do any work himself. So I ask to cancel the gig. I this case cancellation can not be forced by the buyer. If the seller then says: “Personal taste is not a stance for cancelation or bad review” it won´t fit very well. The key is communication here! The seller has to contact for as many details as possible and has to make clear his offer. (In my case there was no communication, just a delivery of stolen work because no steps of the work or communication would have been possible. And I could not cancel the gig.)