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Gig cancellations and analytics

Hello. Recently, I have had several buyers place orders without reading my gig description/gig requirements. Thus, they have requested services not offered per my gig description (or they ignore my requirements and try to “sneak something through”). I then have to have the buyer cancel the order. These cancellations are not my fault, yet it seems they affect my analytics. Is this true? If so, how can a seller protect herself/himself from this type of situation in the future? I am a level 2 seller but these cancellations have seriously affected my metrics.


Unfortunately, I had the same experience in last two months, Every month I had an cancellation with same problem you faced. I had completed every requirements for level 1 and one of my gig also ranked in first page. For those cancellation I have failed to go to next level also my gig is out of first page.

Argh so what is the solution? Fiver should be able to run some algorithm to sift out these types of cancellations, no?

I’ve been considering lately add a ‘requirement’ that asks ‘Did you know that you can get a first-time-buyer custom-offer discount if you contact me first?’ with a Y/N option, and then raising my prices accordingly to cover any discount. It probably wouldn’t eliminate the problem, but it might be worth a test. I haven’t implemented it yet, due to not having enough ‘before’ date to compare any changes with.


If the buyer asks for something in the requirements that you don’t offer in the gig/gig description you could create a support ticket and say that’s what they’ve done to CS and ask if they can cancel it without it affecting your evaluation stats, which they might be able to do (though they may say they have no control over it, it might not affect it).

Though if CS are taking quite a few days to respond now that might be a problem doing it that way, but it would be okay if they respond & cancel it within a day or so I think.


That sounds like a great option, though a bit labor intensive. There must be a way to categorize/track order cancellations; there are several options offered when asked to select a reason for cancellation; why offer the different options if they aren’t tracked? Just very frustrating!

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And that’s the other reason I haven’t implemented the idea. Building a custom offer can be time consuming.
Do most of your offers come from first-time newcomers?

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Hello, yes, mostly first time buyers. I had another one this morning…buyer wanted services I clearly do not offer per my gig description. My order completion percentage has now gone down to 90% (from 92%) in only 3 days. I have taken to politely advising these buyers to be sure to read the seller’s gig description and requirements thoroughly prior to placing an order.

I just sent CS a message concerning this issue; hopefully, they will be able to advise me about what to do. I have worked hard to become a level 2 seller and to lose that standing due to something that is not my fault is difficult to accept.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message and reply. I value each and every one of you in the Fiverr community who offer advice and counsel in situations such as this.

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Same problem i faced 4 times in a month, the main things that’s countdown is running at that time , CS is responding very late, and sometimes buyer is not respond positively, either to cancel from their side OR to modify the ORDER… all those wasting our important time…


I contacted CS and they said there was no way to manually change my completion percentage, just as uk1000 advised. :roll_eyes: