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Gig cancellations - watch out they can be worse than a bad review

I’ve had the same experience twice on Fiver.

I’m a Pro Seller, with 50+ five star reviews.

I’m selective about taking on clients. Twice now I’ve had clients order a gig, then provide no information.

That forces me to cancel the gig.

Both times the presence of a single cancelled gig drove my seller level down from level 2 to basic.

Fortunately, my seller level has recovered both times.

Is this a bug or a feature? Do Fiverr want to punish cancellations, or is it just a bug in the rating system.

I sell high value gigs for $500+ and only take on one or two gigs a month, so this might make me more vulnerable to cancellations.

I believe if you contact CS to have these cancelled they can make it so they don’t affect your stats.

You mean cancel order I guess and not gig !
Yes we need to maintain some standards to keep our level, you need to maintain 90% Order completion over the course of 60 days and as you said you are selective and only accepts few orders so even 1-2 cancellations would be enough to bring your order completion rate down to 90% and you’ll get demoted.

So this is not a bug but more like feature !

It is definitely not a bug in the rating system. Let´s say it is just a system.

What they actually want is no cancellations. Is there any chance to mitigate risk of cancellation within your Gig(s) description? Would it make sense to add cheaper service variant to your portofolio that could generate more orders? Just ideas…

If buyers don’t provide requirements and the gig remains in status “Incomplete”, you should be able to cancel it after a week without any repercussions to your stats (at least according to the Help Center, I haven’t tried it yet).
Else, if you need to cancel for a reason that’s not your fault at all (like buyer providing no info despite asking them to, buyer ordering something that’s against Fiverr’s ToS, etc.), I’d try asking support to cancel the order, they have their criteria for cancellations, and I’ve had good experiences with cancellations done by support not affecting my stats.

It’s called order cancellation, not gig. yes, sometimes it affects. But I’ve seen some sellers who didn’t get any negative effects because of that. I don’t know how this is measured though.