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Gig Cancelled after 1 Month? Fraud?

Hello everyone,

I just received a notification as if I was a buyer that my gig was cancelled and refunded. Except I was the seller! It looks like Fiverr debited my balance for $80 and the buyer cannot be contacted anymore. This gig was completed in December and buyer even left a glowing review. I cannot locate a help contact section in seller dashboard so I found a general support option and tried to explain the situation. Maybe its after hours and the chat option that pops up is not around due to that?

Anyone else have this issue with a month or longer gig being cancelled and then have it refunded? Also, how do you contact Fiverr. I have been able to in the past but the usual chat option or sending msg option does not show.

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Yes, even year’s after.

Read the forum, use the search. This is already talked about.

You can contact support directly using the email link you have in your ticket.