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Gig can't exceed 30 days


anyone else faced this error please help me? I have set delivery duration on 1,3 and 5 days respectively i don’t get it what the error is please check screenshot


well there’s some issues clearly.

What was your gig going to be?

Also: Your education states Mongolian University of Science and Technology
your profile pic was swiped from the internet
and your location is listed as USA when I’m betting it isn’t


it is an ecommerce website developing gig.

Also, what about your profile pic? you taken it from internet

and where i wrote Mongolian university?mi didn’t write it don’t guess anything thanks


M.U.S.T. is what you have listed. (And it should be “and where did I write?” careful on the typos)

My profile pic is of my gig advertisement which is a free photo with enhancements. It changes often and goes between gig photos and my own photo.

I can’t help you on your gig unless you tell me what it was you were offering. More than what you’ve stated.

Did you offer a month of hosting? What was listed in the gig?


I find this thread informative, wonderful but saddening.

Both the poster and feedback giver are using false imagery as their profile photo.

Honesty is key to being successful.

(Will be deleted in several minutes.)


My imagery has been altered for my gig use and I also use my own photo week to week. (which I will put back since no one can tell the difference between copyright free imagery with alterations and taking stock photography without permission or alterations)


well i never claimed about its my picture its my first time hardly a week on fiverr you can say i’m still understanding the system.
my gig was for the developing of an ecommerce website and its has 3 packages and i have set delivery time to 1, 3 and 5 days respectively no hosting included yes i can guide user where to buy cheap hosting but i;m not giving hosting on my own.


I’m no expert but I wouldn’t use a “free” image as my profile photo whether it has been edited or not.

Unless you have a disclaimer, I would (Your buyers) never know the image you’re using is indeed someone else. The space is used to add an image of yourself or a logo of your company - not a celebrity or actor.

Why don’t you use the profile picture space to showcase the real you and not a random figure found off the internet?


To understand the system better, read up on the Terms of Service and the Fiverr Academy.

If you don’t have anywhere on the gig at all where you offer something, or claim that the benefits can be seen outside of your 29 days, then I’d contact customer service. It may take a day or two for them to answer, just be patient.

I heard this happening before when someone offered a SEO gig and said that it may take 4-8 weeks to see the full benefit and Fiverr didn’t like that. Everything you offer should be complete and done before 29 days. Since it seems like this is the case for you, I’d contact CS and see what they say.


you are right i have contacted them and waiting for their reply its been one day…i thought might get some help from forum as well that’s why i posted here