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Gig categorization - do you feel fiverr considers your gig?

Hi there, I want to talk about “gig exclusion”. Meaning, do you feel your gig is so unique or “different” that Fiverr does not really accommodate it? For example, I have a Desktop Wallpaper Theme gig featuring 13 images with quotes on standing up for yourself.

However, when I tried to categorize it I was at a lost. Where do I put it? Lifestyle (since it is about assertion) or Graphic Design (since it features graphical wallpaper I designed). When I tried to put it in Lifestyle there was no section on Psychology or Self-Help. When I tried to put it in Graphic Design there was literally no section for desktop wallpaper / themes (the closes I got was poster design or info graphics smh).

This is not the first gig I’ve had this problem with. Please share any similar experience and how you solved it to ge the right traffic :slight_smile:

This is the gig in question:

Hey there. I think if you put it on graphic design you’ll get more traffic… (For the subcategory, I don’t know which one you should put it in though – as I am not familiar with the subcategories there)… But I think graphic design area has more traffic as a lot of people really do look into that section compared to the Lifestyle section.

Hi Theratypist, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I want to share something really odd that happened though. I made my gig 2 days ago and it recieved 0 traffic. I had it in the Relationship advice section ( since being assertive is related to relashionships with others). I decided to move it to the graphic design section but as soon as I hit save I saw that my gig had been getting views. It literally had 0 views 5 minutes before i decided to change categories. I wasn’t sure if my traffic had increased before or after changing categories. So I tried moving it back to advice but my view count did not increase…at all. So I put it in graphic design and still the views are exactly the same, no increase at all. I feel like I literally had 30 seconds of good traffic and then it ended.