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Gig category and subcategory for Web Scraping

Can anybody help me to set category and subcategory for automated Web Scraping Gig.
If I set nearest possible category then I think my gig will not be searchable.


It should be searchable if it’s in the search index.
If there’s no optimum category you could put it in either"data analysis and reports" or “web programming” - whichever you think is best. Maybe “web programming” would be closest.

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thank you @uk1000 for the suggestion. I will try again.

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I know there are data entry gigs that say they also do web scraping, so maybe the data entry category could also be used. Ideally Fiverr should have a specific subcategory for web scraping. But they could find it by the title anyway even if it wasn’t in the optimum category.

That’s perfect @uk1000