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GIG CATEGORY changing after 3 orders!

I have 3 orders completed on a gig . I have plcaed that gig in “OTHER CATEGORY” now i want to change this category to “graphic design” as everything in this gig is related to graphic design.

I want to know that by changing this category will there be any effect on my gig ranking or visibility ?

Thank You.

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I am not a technician, but i think it would affect somehow, as you’re changing the direction “box of content” to another section, which is differently seen by the algorithm.

Why didn’t you place it in the right section when you made the Gig?

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As a new user at that time I didn’t have much knowledge about these things and thought that it may be changable afterwards .
Now i am just concerned if i change the category, the orders which i have completed will remain with this gig or by changing the category fiverr will consider my gig as new !

May be it will invisible for some time.

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A few years ago I changed an existing gig’s category which led to Fiverr deleting the gig.

I have no idea why they did that (it was a normal gig–nothing controversial about it). At the time I didn’t bother to ask CS because I hadn’t received an order in months so I didn’t care.

Right now I’d like to change the category for another existing gig. Reason: this gig hasn’t been ordered for years.
So, @maalikjunaid and anyone who has experience with this-- I’d like to ask you: did you change the category? If so, what happened?

Thanks, May.

Fiverr doesn’t allow to change the main category of gig once it is created , we can change the sub-category.
The day i posted this query i changed the subcategory of my gig and nothing has happened yet , its working fine and also i have completed 3 orders on this gig they are also there .

prior it was
Graphic Design>Others
Graphic Design>Stationary design

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i also did so now my gig is not shown in that service even on last page can you please help me with that.

Whenever you edit a gig, it goes through a verification process during which it will be hidden in the search.

Thanks imagination! for your message.
But 20 days ago i had edited my gig and till now it is not shown in search.

By changing the main category of Gig to someother you will lose that gig, only subcategory of any gig can be changed without risk of losing it.