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Gig category select

I am open account for garments pattern service, but fiverr not have direct garments pattern category for that i am confused which category i select for my gig,
please visit my profile and suggest me my gig category ok or not.

Thanks to all

i saw this sort of gig in “tshirts & merchandise” category. you hit the right button probably.

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Thanks to your support,
but i not get any order yet, can you help me by give the some suggest how to get order,

Sitting back and expecting orders will rarely result in orders. If you want customers, you are going to have to learn about them, understand their needs, offer a service that fills those needs, and convince those target customers to hire you.

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Hi Jonbaas Thank you for help,
i have the some confuse, i not get any buyer request as my category for that i can’t send any offer to buyer, then now how show my experience or how to convince them when they are not come to me, please tell me what can i do now.

I already advised you as to what you need to do. Be willing to work hard for your success. You’re not going to get it for free.

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