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Gig Changing Prices Bug

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having a bug on my gig regarding price changes. For more than a month now, I literally cannot change my prices, it always crashes.

And since Fiverr has been keeping me in the dark for a month regarding this issue, I am going to the community to see if one of you has encountered this problem as well and, if so, how long did it take to be resolved.

Thank you very much !

– Charles


What crashes? Your browser? Chrome?

No no, when I try to edit my gig, I can change the Overview, Description, Gallery and Requirements, it’s absolutely fine, it works properly.

But for Pricing, it just doesn’t work, at all, I kept on trying but it just doesn’t work, there’s even a red bar that shows ‘‘Gig Items Status is Invalid’’

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Doesn’t really sound like a crash though If they’re working on it still there’s nothing much you can do, apart from maybe asking if there’s any update, as long as that wouldn’t be seen as spamming. If it’s not showing for other users/many others maybe it’s something quite unique to your gig.

Do you have a screenshot of the page showing the error? Is the price of the premium more than the price of the standard and similar for standard vs basic after then change? Or maybe there’s a character/some text in the gig description that’s causing the issue.

Also I haven’t had this problem but the developers have been working on another issue for quite a bit longer than a month.

There you go, don’t know if you can see them properly, but that’s what’s happening.

Ah snap I can only upload one image

For example, Basic Package is at 25$, want to raise it at 35$. I make the change, it says that is saved but I also get this message of error. And then when I go to my gig, the price is still 25$.

It’s maddening I really don’t know what to do and the Help Center is not particularly helpful as well…

What happens if you try to save in that page without changing the package price? Does that work?
Maybe it could be one of the other properties of the packages that it want’s you to set or change?

No it doesn’t work either. Like anything that is in the ‘‘Pricing’’ page doesn’t update, all the rest (Requirements, Gallery, etc) works properly, it is really specific to the Pricing page, it’s BS lol

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Like I said it could be special character somewhere affecting it, like in the gig description (there’s a bullet point right at the end but maybe that wouldn’t effect it) but I think things like emojis affect things (not that you’ve used them, or maybe a special character in a gig extra name/description or package description). Unless it wants you to enter something like the number of mins footage or something. But you could try changing things on the pricing page to see if anything works (though it might be another page affecting it).

You could try re-creating the gig and if it works deleting the old one or something (ensuring you never have a duplicate gig). Or maybe try creating another gig for something different or something similar to what you do in your main gig but different enough so it won’t be the same service/seen as a duplicate gig and see if creating that works okay.

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Yeah that’s the thing, I have considered going with creating another gig but all of my reviews will be gone, referencing as well. One other thing is that I have one gig that I don’t use, that is Paused, and I have tried to change the prices on it as well. Same problem, I can’t. So it has to be something with my account but I can’t figure out what.

On the bright side, you’ve given me more good advices in 5 minutes than Fiverr in a month, so that speaks volume.

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Yeah this doesn’t look like an error. I have had similar warnings and it turned out to be an an invalid character, too long description and things like this. That’s probably why CS isn’t helping.

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Though it’s also happening on his other (paused) gig so he thinks it’s an account issue rather than something for a particular gig. Unless it’s something in 1 gig that’s also affecting the saving of another on the gig pricing page. I suppose the page source could be checked on the page where it gives the error but that might not show anything - everything related to the error might be server side.

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Yes exactly, I think for some reason for my account I am restricted to change prices or prices description. Don’t know why, don’t know how, I am Level 2 and things usually go very smoothly, but the demand keeps on coming and i can’t decide on what to charge, it’s really infuriating but oh well, let,s hope Fiverr decides on doing something about it.