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Gig Check for new user

i am new to fiver. Have made multiple gigs on it. anyone who can check out my gigs and give e sincere suggestion. i would be grateful


Here are my suggestions:

Gig: I will provide you data analysis service in excel that you deserve
It says “…You will be getting complete data analysis of the no matter how large the data is”.
I’d reword that. If there are any limits in Excel maybe those could be mentioned somewhere.

In the basic package you say “Basic (Academic Analysis)” - maybe remove the “Academic Analysis” bit in case Fiverr thinks you’re doing/helping with academic work, which isn’t allowed.

Gig: I will provide you data analysis service in spss that you deserve
You mention academic standards and “help in completing your thesis” - if you’re offering to help with academic work remember that’s not allowed on Fiverr.

Gig: I will proofreading and editing you deserve
I’d check the gig description to make sure everything is as accurate as possible.

eg. I’d change the sentence “However i am mentioning below that what would i perform to your document to make it perfect to get good grades or for the purpose of publish”, including making sure the word “I” is always in upper case.

Also don’t say “to get good grades” as that would be helping with academic work which isn’t allowed.

Also the title could be improved grammatically. Maybe to something like “I will do the proofreading and editing you deserve” instead of “I will proofreading…”.


welcome, perfect gigs you created

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Thankyou so much dear. That was a great reply. May God bless you.


Thankyou Abdullah. Stay blessed