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Gig constantly dessappearing from the search list

Since I started on Fiverr, I have always had many orders on my best selling gig and I daily received many messages from new people asking for it. Last month I noticed that I had stopped receiving messages from new people and searching that issue in the forum I realized that I had dissappeared from the search list (from 1 to 22 because Fiverr doesn’t show result beyong page 22). I kept getting orders from old clients and some new ones, though I hadn’t as many as before and I’ve even been accepted in Fiverr pro recently. Just at that same time I realized my gig was again at the first page, my impressions raised to thounsands in the last 7 days like it was before the issue. But that just lasted a few days, because I’ve dessappeared again. I know gigs rotate because of the algorithm and that new sellers have the opportunity to appear in the first pages, but I’m not even on the last page and I’ve seen all of them and most of the people have 0 reviews. Does anyone know if there’s anything I can do apart from waiting?

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Have you read this thread yet?