Gig Constantly disappears from search!


Hello all :slight_smile:
I am opening this topic to ask if you also have problems with your gis.
With my problem my gig constantly disappears from search. I have contacted CS and they fix it 2th time for 1 moth.
The problem is that for the people who have this bug cant 24/7 search for thyre gigs to wait for the bug to come and contact CS
This is affecting progress, orders and money that eventually will get in to fiverr.
Does anyone know why is this happening and if fiverr CS is reading this why don’t you fix the problem if it costing money from which fiverr will get a part of them ?
Thank you all :slight_smile:
(please excuse me for any mistakes in the post)


This site has issues with gigs showing up by using search bar or just clicking into the right topic. sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t . But I say give 4-7 days and I been start getting clicks, views, etc. so I know its being seen by people. Post your gigs on other sites like facebook, google+, linkedin, twitter. or any blog site that may help.

Hope this helps. Im new and still no one asked me for service yet. But i do know people are seeing them. So I think time will tell more… Wish you luck!



Hello JR :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply
I am not new and I am level 2 on top 5,10 and 15 on first page in search for couple of months and when the orders stop it was because of the bug and the first time i have noticed it after a week and who knows for how many time it was there…
your reply is very helpfull for new sellers that are wondering why they dont have orders but in this case the problem is not that :frowning:
(please excuse me i dont want to sound like bragig about level and order it is jsut for information)
Thank you dear.
Also did you had a simeller problem with dissapearing of the gig enterily on search ?


Yes I did have that gig disappearing on me. When I searched I found it and then few hour to a day later, I search again to see if I noticed it but it wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I even emailed support,. They were no help. Almost felt like they don’t care and said I need to advertise it and hope for the best.

So I’ll just keep my gigs up and hope. I almost had some interested, but they must have changed their mind. Time will tell.



Ooo yes friend
That is because fiverr have priority
Non level- lowest almost not noticable
1 leve- hmmm maybe maybe not
2- level- high priority
best selerr- full support
I understand them .
But if you have this bug this will keep poping out like in my problem so you need to remined them of it because you will lose money clients and levels. After that that will come up to a lost of sellers clients and lost of fiverr money like a butterfly effect.
I dont really know if this bug is fixing himself and this is the topic all about
if anyone can bring light to this matter that will be awesome.
Thank you :slight_smile: