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Gig Copy Cats Are Annoying

Seriously, people come along and order my gig for 5.00 just to get information and …- then go create the same gig? With basically the same wording as me as well
what gives? Seriously?
some people need to learn how to be unique and create their own thing on here- WOW Whatever with that and… that is my rant for today. :slight_smile:

Hi Destinyrose,
I was curious about what gig they were copying so I clicked onto your profile. Im not going to copy your gig but can I suggest that you spellcheck your profile tagline - as a proofreader, the irony is killing me…

Thanks that T always sticks on my keyboard for some crazy reason. Check the copycats - seriously it is freaking annoying

I used to get this a LOT. Just drop customer support a message and they will ban the gig that stole your text!