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Gig copycat detected


Ok this is funny! A guy sent me a message me asking to ´´join my team´´ when I go to his profile to see more about him…tada! he just made copy/past of my own gig!

My gig:

And this is the guy´s gig:

Not sure how to deal with it (besides laughting…or being mad?) But I took my time writing down my description…
I have been in other platforms using the same description for years, seeing it with someone else is kinda weird.

Crazy world!


You should report them to Customer Support, this is an abuse and violation of the site’s Terms of Service, and Fiverr doesn’t tolerate such behavior.

I, myself, have lost some of my sales because of copycats like these who would even copy my gig video & title, so it’s a serious problem, which unfortunately happens way too often :frowning:

P.S. this time you were lucky because that person gave themselves away by asking you to join their team, but most of the time you won’t be aware of people copying your gigs, so I recommend doing a regular check by searching some parts (or all) of your gig description on Google and see what other gigs use that :wink:


Wow! this is terrible!! Thanks for the advice !!


Yes, really not easy to decide whether to laugh or cry sometimes, join the club, and report him.
If you don´t want to feel alone in this, a forum search for ‘copied gigs’ will make you laugh/cry even more lol
I reported 2 people who used my profile description even, and there are people who have been mistaken for the scammers who copycatted their gigs even.

Official word by Fiverr on it:


The contents of Gigs on Fiverr are all user generated. Fiverr does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyright or other rights. If your Gig has been copied, with reasonable proof of doing so, we will review your request with our editorial team. We will not reply to your request after the Gig has been reviewed for privacy concerns.

Submit a request under General Questions about Fiverr from this ticket form.


Thanks! I´ll report this rigth now!!


This is a big problem.


it is! the funny part is that this guy had the balls to write to me…asking to ´´join my team´´
Who knows what´s on his mind, I don´t want him to be around offering his services as ´´part of my team´´ jeezzz


Ive had people do this (copy my gigs) and then have the cheek to message me asking me to order from them. The only team they are going to be joining is the reported to trust and safety team.


:joy: true! i made the report, let´s see how it goes!