Gig costing more than 5 dollars?


Hi, I have a question, I have gotten a PM asking me if I’d be willing to edit a 68,000 word novel. My gig is that I’ll edit your story and I’m happy to do it, just not for 5 dollars. I refuse to make only five dollars off of working what’s likely going to be about a week (if not more) of solid work. We have decided on a price, but now we’re trying to come up with a way to make sure I get paid. Is there a way to post a gig where I can get paid the well over 5 dollars?


The only way is to let your buyer order many gigs (each is $5) so to reach desired total. In this way you can give a limit (words, paragraphs, whatever you please) to every gig and deliver it when done, so both you and your buyer can split the huge job in steps.

When you’ll be awarded the Level1 you will be able to add extras and let your buyers order more than one gig at once.

Finally I think you should elaborate your gig description adding a limit to what you offer for $5; if you leave it as is, a buyer could place an order (without contacting you first) and you must honour that job even if it’s a huge one.

Good luck




Please follow @mark74 's advice. Your gig title and description are too general. Create a limit such as 5 or 10 pages, or 1500 words for example. Put it bold in your gig description. Good luck!