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Gig could not be published

I am new on Fiverr. This is my first gig and it was published successfully. It had 2 views and 2 clicks too, but suddenly it is in drafts category and I tried several times publishing it. Even the category is changeable again which is not possible once gig is published, category can’t be changed. Gig was published at first can be proved by number of views and clicks on gigs page. I took a step fruther and created another gig ant tried to publish it but again when I click on ‘publish’. It takes me back to step 2 of gig and every thing there is all set. in my first gig now it takes me back to 1st step and all the fields there are complete too.

What was the gig about? Maybe it was a service that Fiverr does not allow.

Hi @wind0ws0ffice, you wrote a whole thread but you forgot to tell us what the subject is?? What was your gig about? If you could give us some clues we might be able to help you?

I contacted support, they told to verify phone first. Problem solved

I experience this too… When I change/make update to your gigs/the page is refreshed, even if I are taken back to previous page, I still be able to publish it by saving the update first then publish later.

Oh, glad that your problem solved.