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Gig Cover Images

I am fairly new to Fiverr and have not yet learned all the ins and outs. I have seen some designs used as gig covers that look absolutely amazing, and I understand why those designers get a lot of the jobs. I just recently ran across a designer and her cover image seemed familiar. I quickly realized it looked familiar because I had followed a tutorial to create the same design 3 years ago. I will admit this designer did rotate the image and change the width of the middle of the logo, but the concept and color were the same as I had remembered them being. Is that acceptable? I’m not saying the designer did not produce the image in the design. is it ok to use imagery that is not 100% original to promote your gig? I am sure there are others that have done or are still doing this to attract customers. I have just assumed that you show AS yours IS yours.

Unless you disclose in your gig description that the images aren’t original, it isn’t ethical. Unfortunately, Fiverr has a small staff and there are a ton of gigs, so each one isn’t looked at closely at the time it is made. You can report things that like in a Customer Support ticket if you wish and if it’s easy to prove, Trust and Safety might make the seller take the gig or images down. In some cases a seller is banned for copyright violations.

IMO, sellers that choose to use copyrighted or borrowed material without disclosure are ripping off buyers and I think it brings down the quality of the site for everyone, especially those in graphic design. Hopefully there will come a time when these can be dealt with more effectively.