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GiG Create using Mobile App [ARCHIVED]

Hi Guys please share your experience when you try to create gig using mobile app. just i created one gig and that was awesome experience guys…

I haven’t tried it but I have another bit of feedback. This is minor and might just be me. When I few your post on my mobile browser (not app) the purple text is really hard to read. Plain black works well. For short posts it wouldn’t stop me from reading, though. Good info about the mobile app, thanks!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thank you for your feedback ill use black color in future :slight_smile:

I still haven’t used Mobile App to create Fiverr Gigs and probably won’t use it to create a new gig. I use Fiverr app for quick messaging and to be Online on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

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Too bad you can’t stick around with more pleasant commentary, but your forum time has expired.

Plz share with me how i create gig on fiverr .beck when i open it in mobile i get the only response to open it in computer …that’s why scant create gig on fiverr

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I can not post a gig using android app. I could not found a option say “create gig” in android.Screenshot_2017-10-20-18-20-52

It’s because you can’t create a gig using the mobile app - you need to use a desktop browser.

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