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Gig creating Problem


Gig service updater sort is not included in the list"

This massage show is doing when I’m going to make gigs


Hi, change your FAQ question and answer, another add one by one for it yes can select which one are problem. And must add 120 word, not 300 word.

I have some problems. what can I do?
anyone, please tell me a suggestion than whom to fix it…

I have the same problem and nobody seems to know anything about it

Can you say that again but in a way that is easier to understand?

If you type your problem in google search it gives this: Trouble creating my first gig

You have to much words in FAQ. The 300 is total count.

I made sure that the questions and answers don’t count up to more than 300 together and it still doesn’t appear to be working.

then remove all faq and try if that solves it, if it does then you do have over 300 but the system is counting wrong.

Well it did work now, seems like the counting is messed up beyond belief.