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Please i need help on Gig creation
my gig has been “denied” up to 4 times now, i created my gig under digital marketing, (sub category is under SEO) then i added social bookmarking services my description and image, and the gig was denied. so now i want to ask if "social bookmarking is not allowed on the platform

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Social bookmarking isn’t allowed - against TOS, which you should read. It explains the rules and how things work.

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Thanks alot sir. you have relief my worried

But does that mean i can use “website traffic”?

I think that comes under the same thing. Fiverr doesn’t like what they consider spamming. Off page seo might be something you could provide, though … if you know how to do it without spamming.

Because the customer support that refer me here said SEO is allowed

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