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Gig creation problems


Well, where to start.

A couple of days ago I created a new gig. Once it was live I checked to find it in the search results and the thumbnail being shown was a bad one. So I contacted support with the replacement and asked them to sort it out. Which they did within a couple of hours. This is the second time I have had to get the thumbnail changed.

So while in conversation with support, they pointed out to me that that I had spelt one of the words wrong in the gig title. This arose because they wanted to know what I’m seeing at my end when I find it in the search results. I wasn’t advised at that point to delete the gig, they would have just allowed me to carry on with it, having corrected the spelling mistake. They did not point out to me that even though the spelling was corrected when I edited the gig title, the wrong spelling remains in the gig title on their servers. Therefore, the chances of me showing up in search results would have been very low, reliant on the searcher making the same spelling mistake.

Only when I pointed this out did they say that yes, I am better off deleting it and doing it again.

So that’s what I did. And hey presto, exact same problem, wrong/bad image being shown on the video thumbnail. The image anyone would see if it turned up in search results. So I contacted the support again to get it changed. I was told that it could take 24 to 48 hours before it shows correctly.

The problem is, It is damn difficult enough to get anywhere near the top of any searches, yet we are given a golden opportunity when we make a new gig because Fiverr has a “new gig” function to display them in search results. Yet, that opportunity is being missed and wasted because each time I upload a new gig it doesn’t get displayed in the optimal way, the way I want. So by the time the thumbnail has been changed for the correct one and it is showing up, my gig has slipped hundreds of miles down the list of new gigs, if not dropped off completely. This is damn annoying.

Even more annoying is the fact that when I search and see my gig on the new gig list, with the wrong thumbnail, every other gig seems to look great.

When I say wrong thumbnail I mean my vids usually do transitions between pictures and I’m getting thumbnails that show half of one pic and half of another, making a right mess, which no one in their right minds would click on.

Does anyone know how to get around this issue?? Or does anyone else experience the same as I do. I like to hear if you have so I stop feeling like the Fiverr staff are purposely doing this to me (paranoia).

Paranoia and rage mixing together is not good :frowning:


Perhaps you might try uploading the image(s) with a new file name if you didn’t already do that. Their servers seem to be reluctant to change newly uploaded pictures unless they determine that they are actually different. Using a new file name will force the issue.


No Rick, its not the actual images I’m uploading, its the video. When the video is uploaded a random image from the video is selected by the Fiverr system to be the thumbnail that gets shown.

The problem is that the system is picking any old image it wants, from a certain part of the video, such as, ten seconds in, whatever is being shown there will become the thumbnail.

Often it has picked a moment when the video is changing from one image to the next, or blurred because its a moving picture.

I have had the issue your referring to with gigs that don’t have a video and yes, I eventually changed the file names before I re-upload it, to get the image to change on the fiverr site/system. Both issues are very annoying.

I think a lot of things server side and search system side on Fiverr are very old and out of date.

Cheers for the reply @Ricksper:



Reply to @dazza6561: Ah I understand now. It appears to be a universal problem. I just looked at a video of mine and sure enough, the thumbnail that is presented is just a random frame. Also it seems that all videos end with a very blurred frame at the end. Certainly not the best way to make a presentation.


No @ricksper: it is not the best way at all. It is evidence of a dilapidated system. I am still waiting for the change to be implemented by support over 24hrs later.

The irony is that, last week I reached level2 seller and got a message saying that as a level 2, the support I receeive would be even better, but sadly, my experiences with support since then have been bad, negative and disheartening.

good luck mate.