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Gig de-ranked for a month

Hello everyone, I am level 2 seller here, my gig was ranked on 1st page and i was getting so many orders, but my gig was de-ranked automatically but came back again on 1st page after a few days, unfortunately, my order got cancelled on that day, and my gig de-ranked once again, and it is not re-ranked again for a month, I also lost orders, but for 2-3 days I am appearing in recommendations, please anyone help me that how can i get ranked again on first page, :frowning_face:

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random system I think

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Unfortunately no one can do that for you. People can’t even get their own gigs ranked so how do you expect them to do it for you?

Random system?
I did not get that

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I just want to know, that is this normal? Will my gig be ranked automatically or not? Because before sometimes it had de-ranked but then come back automatically, but this time it went and not coming back

No one knows exactly what could make your gig rank again as the algorithm is not an easy to access scheme for anyone. However, I will advise you keep on gaining positive momentum on your activities henceforth, avoid cancellation or bad feedback, this may help bring you back. I wish you good luck!

Thank you so much brownlekzy

You are welcome dear

Random. The system supports the newest sellers and put them in the first page sometimes. There is a post on this forum that explain everything