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Gig de ranked from 1 page to last. Why?

Recently one of my new gig got ranked on first page and I was very happy and got good number of orders but it dropped to last page (after applying some filters).

Does anyone know why this happened? I did not make any late delivery, no bad review, response rate was also okay. Then why it dropped from top to last it can be dropped to second third or last page :frowning:

if someone experienced this please share.

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It happened for me too.

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Its been going on for awhile yet- haven’t seemed to hear anything from anyone on it being resolved

did you get your gig back to top 5 pages again?

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It takes some time. Don’t worry. Be active and try to deliver on time. Your gig view, impression and click maybe got down. Try to turn them red to green.

Still experiencing same over here too

Dear Community fellow,

why my gig go back on 10 page after seller 1. now i have no order for last two months.